Snow High Seeds – Blueberry Blast


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Snow High Seeds – Blueberry Blast

(Blue Dream SSH version x Johnny Blaze)

Flower Cycle: 55-70 Days

Sativa 60/40

THC: 18-22%

Yield: Above Average

5 seeds per pack

Snow High Seeds version of Blue Dream, released before almost all other Blue Dream lines. This is a commercial work horse with many phenos commercially viable with some phenos leaning a little toward the Haze side. The flowers give off a Blueberry and cedar wood aroma with a high type similar to Strawberry Cough with a body high and Haze effect that comes on strong then takes you higher but then after many hours takes you down for some munchies and some rest. Blueberry Blast is no sleeper, its commercial viable and connoisseur viable.