Dominion Seed Company – Sangria Punch


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Dominion Seed Company – Sangria Punch

Killer Queen x Screaming Eagle

Flowering Time- 60-68 Days

Yield: Above Average

13 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Morphology- Bushy plants that stretch double their veg size when flowering is induced. They will branch vertically with a slight lateral stretch. Will fill in in very bushy flower sites but not overly leafy. They stack large colas and swell fat later in flower. Coated in resin, very frosty stuff. Smells like Sangria punch. The smell stays after the trim and translates to the flavor. Smells in late flower are intense. Potent, stinky flavorful and one of our favorite anytime flowers.

How Does It Smoke- Hard hitting heady punch with a relaxing body and long lasting high. Fermented fruit and tropical fruit punch on the flavor. Hash from these ladies is divine. Flower density is that perfect stale marshmallow consistency that makes for a very smooth toke.

Growing Notes- Super cropped, topped multi headed bush and scrog will all preform well depending on your space. They are not finicky with feeds and we would recommend median feeds with a decent pk boost in weeks 5-7. They tend to do most of their swelling towards the very end of the flowering cycle. Milky gland heads with some amber seems to be peak harvest for us.

Pest Resistance- 8/10

Mold/Mildew Resistance- 8/10

Stress Notes- No intersex traits noted through testing.