Mephisto Genetics – Gold Glue – 7 Pack – Feminized

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Mephisto Genetics – Gold Glue Feminized

24 Carat F7 x 4 Assed Monkey F3

Indica 80/20

Sprout to Harvest: 65-70 days

Yield: 60-100 grams

7 feminized auto seeds per pack

Strain Behavior and Structure: Typically Gold Glue is an easy strain, she doesn’t ask for much along the way, and grows like a champ. She really kicks into gear during the pre-flower stage. Gold Glue is a very indica plant in style and effect. She’s stocky and doesn’t put on much height, but she does bush nicely. With a little manipulation it’s easy to get secondary colas as fat as the main. Removing select fan leaves can also be a good tactic to expose the lower/inner sites. Ensure good ventilation through and  round her as a preventative to mold as her flowers grow thick indeed. We may have previously undersold this strain slightly, to quote a customer…’Absolutely crusted with trichs, it’s a frost machine, with the description “very powerful” not doing the strain justice. The most interesting part of the smoke is the unique taste and smell this strain offers, with a very high grade, almost grapey, gluey type of funk. It’s absolutely wicked.’