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One pack of each of the following 2 strains totaling 26 seeds


Dominion Seed Company – Skunkband V2

Headband x Dominion Skunk

Flowering Time- 63-68 Days

Yield – Medium High

13 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Morphology- Vertical branching plants that stretch about triple the veg size when flowering is introduced. They stack flowers in the stretch more so than the mom and yields are substantially bigger. They will produce glands early on and will steadily push out more throughout the entire cycle. Around day 56 the true smell really comes through. Intense Headband, Headband- Chem91 blend with a nasty funky undertone.

How Does It Smoke- Classic Headband forehead smack that will put you down. Perfect for nighttime or heavy relaxing.

Growing Notes- Lots of pinching and pruning to make multi-topped plants will be the best. Stick with median feeds. That is 800 ppm with a few 1k boost for you salt boys.


Dominion Seed Company – Shineapple

VA Beach Afghani x (Airborne G13 x “Hashplant x Afghani”)

Flower Cycle: 63-70 Days

Yield: Above Average

13 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Morphology- Very strong vertically branched plants that will double to almost triple in size when flowering. They have a productive stretch and stack the entire height of the plant. Colas grow huge and flowers will produce tons of resin. Glands develop fat heads on long stalks that stay on the dry tacky side and do extremely well extracting across varying techniques. The smells have a mentholated candy green apple citrus funk and some phenos have an acrid underlying funk that goes away during the dry/cure phase. Plants do show some mutated growth such as petiole stem buds, leaf buds at the petiole and occasional single bladed leaves.

How Does It Smoke- Really smooth almost mentholated with a nice candied apple flavor. Immediate onset with a strong body leaning towards the narcotic side.

Growing Notes- Buds get big and thick, although the branching is very strong, some additional supports will help. Median feeds with a slightly heavier PK boost in week 5/6/7 will really pack on the weight and wont stress them even if the feed is slightly heavy.

Pest Resistance- 5/10

Mold Resistance- 8/10

Mildew Resistance- 5/10

Stress Notes- Rarely some phenos show light sensitivity issues with lights that are too bright. Starting bloom around 700umol m2 and then gradually working up to 800-900umol m2 worked best for the sensitive phenos. Plants will become more vigorous and flowers will tighten up nicely.