Digital Cup 2019

Hello valued SHN customers! Do you look at the Emerald Cup and think “Boy… I’m missing out!”?

Well, what if you could visit the SeedsHereNow booth from the comfort of your own living room? We are excited to announce our first annual Digital Cup! This Cup is chalk-full of exciting sales, and events, for you to take part in. It will be like you are at Emerald Cup, but without having to travel, pay the ticket price, and wait in all the lines!

Full line up of events and sale items will be emailed out this Friday, 12-13-19.

Contests are over. =( Winners will be announced soon!

We would like you to join in the fun by entering some or all of our contests. These contests are “Pics, Or It Didn’t Happen”, “Pimp My Merch” and “Wish You Were Here”.


Pics Or It Didn’t Happen: Show us what you do with our collectibles. We want to see what came of the gear you got from us. Just send a pic of your finished work with, your name, Strain Name, and the Breeder. The winning picture will be chosen by our team and announced on social media. Submissions must be of gear we carry.

Pimp My Merch: Submit an original work of art to be added to our next line of merchandise. What do you think of when you think of SHN? Show us and win! The best pieces will be chosen by our team and the winners announced here. We will print your art on all kinds of things. How cool is that?!?!

Wish You Were Here: Send us a cool, preferably home-made/custom, postcard. We love to see them and the nice notes you leave for us on them! We hang them in the office and stare at them until we feel like we are there with you! The weather gets gloomy here and it’s nice to take a mental vacation, even if it’s just for a second. The winner will be chosen by our team and announced here.

Submit all digital entries to:

All submissions must be received by 12/20


Each winner will receive a cool gift bag with gear from some of our fantastic breeders. Gifts will include an as of yet unreleased pack from Humboldt Seed Company, limited releases from DJ Short, Second Generation Genetics, and much more!

The Pimp our Merch winner will also receive a piece of customized merch with their design as soon as we have items made and received in-house. (Or something like that..) We will have three winners of this contest. First prize will win the gift bag and a nice piece of merch with their design. Second and third place will get the merch.

All Pics Or It Didn’t Happen submissions may be used on our site. Don’t worry, you’ll get the credit for your pics!