Got Questions? We have answers!
Below you will find our most oft-asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for after reading this section carefully, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our terrific support team at


An item I just ordered is now on sale – will you do an adjustment?

We offer a new set of specials each month as a standard practice. Because of this, and our high volume of orders, we are UNABLE to offer price adjustments for orders placed before or after a product is placed on – or goes off – sale.

Can stock be reserved?

In-General: Unfortunately we cannot reserve any stock unless a payment or order has been made. Please remember that paying by Money order only holds your items for 2 weeks. After two weeks if payment has not been made your order will be cancelled and the stock returned to inventory for sale. Thank you.

Pre-Sales: Since we deal hand in hand with the companies we represent we will often be given the opportunity to have the first chance to offer exclusives on certain items. In this case, we guarantee to buy a certain amount of stock before it’s even finished – which means the first gear available on the market is available to OUR customers. This often happens 10-14 days BEFORE the gear is released to the general public. You can then purchase these items via the PRE-SALE and be guaranteed to be among the first to have the items shipped once it’s actually available. To take advantage of Pre-Sale benefits please sign up for our email list (via the website) download the SHN app on your phone and/or follow us on Instagram!

Do I need to register before making a purchase?

YES. You can shop without signing in and then sign in during your checkout, BUT you cannot register for a new account during checkout. So please make sure you register for an account BEFORE you checkout.

Do you deliver to my country/region/state?

We offer discreet delivery to the US and many other countries. If your region or country doesn’t appear on the drop down list – then we do not send there at this time.Even if we do send to your country/region/state at this time PLEASE NOTE BELOW:

It’s not possible for us to know & track every law in every US state or country. We sell a collectible genetic kit for souvenir purposes. We will not knowingly send to an area where it is illegal for you to have them even as souvenirs. As the consumer you accept full responsibility for for following the laws of your area. If your package is detained it is your responsibility to retrieve it or not. We do NOT refund orders in this situation*.

It is also possible that your order may incur duty charges/taxes. This is something we try very hard to research and avoid however customs regulations and laws are ever changing and that includes regulations around these charges. Thank you for your understanding!

We will NOT change our packaging or break down seeds and send them in other objects, etc.

Customs labels do not say cannabis, we do work to keep the customs labeling within a regions guidelines however.

*please do not think a chargeback is an option – if we send an order in good faith and it’s caught in customs/other that is on you, the customer, for ordering without knowing your area’s local laws and regulations. We will fight the chargeback and, historically, we win.

We currently do not deliver to:
Dominican Republic
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Saint Kitts

Exactly how do money order payments work?

When you choose to checkout as “Money Order/Check” and complete your order, you will receive an automated message that states that payment or contact with the company be made within TWO WEEKS of the original order date. If you do not contact us, or your payment does not arrive within that time, your order will be CANCELLED and items will be RETURNED back to our stock.Money orders can be bought at your local post office, bank, or – in many cases – grocery or drug store.

All Money Orders and Mailed Payments MUST BE in U.S. Dollars.

Please: YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR ORDER NUMBER SOMEWHERE WITHIN THE PAYMENT – a slip of paper inside the envelope is great, or write it on the memo line of the money order but please DO NOT put the item(s) you’re purchasing in the memo area!



DO NOT SIGN THE BACKS OF MONEY ORDERS – that is our signature line.


We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you send your payment via a method with tracking numbers – such as USPS priority mail or Fed EX, etc. – then email us your order number and tracking number so we know it’s on the way.

Customers may have ONLY 3 active money orders at one time. NO EXCEPTIONS AFTER 11/15/18. If you have 3 and make a 4th the oldest one will automatically be cancelled.


Mail to:
SS Management
2728 W. Main St., Suite 106
Medford, OR 97501

We pick up our mail (USPS, UPS, FEDEX, etc) Monday – Friday between 9:00 -11:00 a.m PST (west coast time). If your payment arrives AFTER that time on any given day we will get it the next day. IF it arrives on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we will get it Monday.

95% of the time orders go out within 2 business days. If we have an exceptionally high volume of order-payments, it may go out the day after we receive it.

You will receive an automated email with tracking number when we print your label for delivery.

Domestic orders are generally received by the customer within 3-12 days after payment is received into our office.

Once a money order is received and has been processed no changes can be made to the order. Once the order status is complete the order is final.

Wondering if we received your money order? If you have not yet received tracking – then we likely didn’t get it. But we understand waiting and wondering is stressful. If you sent it with tracking – you should be able to track it and alert us if you think we didn’t get it – we answer all the emails! If you have questions or concerns about your payment’s arrival – please email our Distribution Manager Rebel at and he’ll let you know as soon as he can.

How do BOGOs work?

When we offer a BOGO (Buy One – Get One) deal you do not need a special code to receive the free item.Just order the qualifying pack(s) only. So, if the special reads, for example: “Buy any pack of Pillow Fort Genetics and get another Pillow Fort Genetics* pack free” all you need to do is order the Pillow Fort Genetics strain that you are most interested in

All ‘free’ BOGO packs, as well as advertised gifts, are chosen by our Distribution Team and added to the order as it is packed.

The free pack will not show up on your invoice.

Please do not email us asking for a specific BOGO pack – they are all chosen by the distribution team when the item is packed. No exceptions.

*Pillow Fort Genetics is not a real company; it was created solely for examples and product testing purposes.

How do I apply discount codes?

Check out as you normally would and choose payment method THEN go back to your shopping cart and add the discount code in the discount code box, then resume checking out.Discount Code box is located in the SHOPPING CART vs on the payment page.

Make sure you hit “apply”

Please note: Money orders can be edited. Credit card orders cannot be edited.

We do not do partial refunds on credit card orders.

Please note: Only one coupon code can be applied to an order at a time.

How do I clear my browser’s cache and cookies?

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies is different for every browser. It is a very simple process once you get it down, a quick google search for “clearing cache for <your browser>” will yield tutorials. Plus, knowing how to clear your browser’s cookies and cache is something that everyone should know how to do.

How do I sign up for text alerts for drops, contests, etc?

Text “seeds” to 66555

How Does Zodaka Differ from Other Payment Alternatives?

  • Credit/Debit Cards
      Due to federal regulations surrounding “high-risk” products and industries, domestic credit card companies (i.e. Visa, Mastercard) are not able to process high-risk transactions. There are workarounds that companies use to mitigate this issue (proxy-based transfers, point of banking solutions, offshore banks) but these create added costs, delays in settling for the merchants and customers, Card declined transactions, and are subject to shutdowns.
  • ACH
      ACH, which stands for Automated Clearing House, is one of a couple of ways that a direct transfer can be made quickly and easily between two parties. ACH falls under banking regulations that Zodaka’s system does not.
  • E-Wallets
      Zodaka does not require preloading of any kind. E-wallet solutions can take time to set up, sometimes multiple days. Zodaka is connected to the end-users bank account and the merchants’ bank account, so funds can transfer directly as soon as the account is created. Zodaka never holds the customers’ money (unlike an E-Wallet) so their partners’ money is safe in the event of complications.

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

On average 3-12 business days for credit card orders within the USA. International orders may take several weeks.

Money Orders and Checks will be shipped as soon as we receive the payment in the mail. Your email, containing your tracking number, will be sent to you when the package ships. You can expect it 3-12 days after you receive your tracking number. If you do wish to pay with Check or Money Order, PLEASE Email us your Order Number and your Tracking Number (for the payment your mailing us) at

If you feel your order is lost, missing or stolen you must report it to us within 30 days. Anything after 30 days and there is simply nothing we can do. You will receive a tracking number via automated email when your label is printed for delivery. It is your responsibility to keep this number and alert us if not received within the 30 days. We will not replace orders. As a one time courtesy we will cover the first 100.00 of a lost, missing or stolen package after due diligence to recover the package has been done.

I am unhappy with my souvenirs is there anything I can do?

Yes, we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do not do refunds, however, we will be happy to replace your item. Please contact us at to receive help.

I am unhappy with the souvenirs I received.

At SHN we stand behind our breeders 100% and will do everything in our power to make it right. If you’re unsatisfied for ANY reason please email us at you’ll receive a reply within 24 business hours and our team will then strive to resolve the situation quickly and provide you with our promised ‘complete satisfaction’.

We value our reputation in the community, and know you have other, sometimes “seedy” options. We additionally value YOUR business and will do what we need to in order to make sure you’re happy and satisfied with your souvenirs.

We have the #1 rated customer service in the industry and we work every day to maintain our place at the top!

I can’t complete my order online. What’s wrong?

There could be a couple of reasons why you weren’t able to complete your order online. The most common reasons are listed below:

You may need to double check the details you have entered. The address associated with the card you are using must be listed under ‘Billing Address’. Your ‘Shipping Address’ can be different.

You’re trying to order an ‘out of stock’ item.

You’re trying to apply a discount code to an already discounted or promotional item. (For example: if we are offering a “Buy One Get One Free” special, no further discounts can be applied).

You may have entered your card details incorrectly, so you may need to check them again. Don’t forget the three digit security code on the back of the card.

You must have sufficient funds in your account to process the transaction.

You may need to pre-authorize your card. Please see the “Methods of Payment” section of this FAQ

If you are 100% sure that you have entered all details correctly please contact us so that we can help you through the process and try taking payment over the phone.



I forgot my password… How do I reset my password?

Go to the My Account page and look directly underneath the Login button.

You will see a link labeled:

“Lost your password?”

Click on that link it and you will be redirected to a page that allows you to reset your password.

I have made my order, but changed my mind about what items I would like to receive. What can be done?

If payment for your order is complete, the order is final and no changes can be made. This would include any purchases made via credit card.

I have not received my goods yet. Where is it?

Orders in the US are usually received within 3-12 days of ordering, International orders can take much longer, but generally within 21 days.

If you have not received your purchase within 15 days of ordering, and have not been contacted by a customer service representative explaining why your order is delayed please contact us. Please provide your Order Number when contacting us, as it’s the most efficient way for us to help you find your order.

We are not responsible for lost, stolen or returned orders. If you feel your order was lost, stolen or returned we will, as a one time courtesy, cover the first 100.00 of the order.


I made or received my order but changed my mind – can I get a refund?

No, while we do wish to offer 100% Satisfaction we do not offer refunds for returned stock or erroneous orders. This is because of our Satisfaction Guarantee – we would not resell an item that had been previously shipped out – we don’t know what may have happened to it since leaving us.

If you placed or received an order and changed your mind we will not refund it. If you have an error on your order we will TRY to work with you BUT we send orders out very quickly and we can’t always catch them before they go out for delivery. We will ONLY refund a credit card order if WE, or the credit card processor, have caused a situation.

Additionally, we cannot edit credit card orders. Look over your order carefully BEFORE buying because once you finish the order – it’s yours.

If you have chosen to make several orders and have decided you want them combined– our processor does not allow partial refunds for multiple delivery costs. Again, please make sure that the order you are placing is correct and how you wish to receive it. If you wish to combine several orders after the fact, we can try to combine the orders so that they are contained within a single box and you will only receive (1) tracking. Those invoices are combined physically in house and you will not see a change on the invoices themselves. If you wish to combine the orders, please let us know immediately– we move very quickly. Thank you.

I put in the wrong delivery address and you shipped my order. What can I do? Will you refund my order or resend it?

It is your responsibility to put in the correct information. We send items out for delivery very quickly in most cases and may not be able to make corrections.

If you get your tracking confirmation email — it is too late, your package has left the building and we cannot fix or change it.

Once an order leaves our warehouses even our highly trained flying monkeys cannot retrieve it to be corrected. It will be YOUR job to arrange for pick up at the delivery address.

If an order is sent back to us as undeliverable we WILL contact you if possible and we will resend if you give us a different address.

We are not responsible for lost, returned or stolen packages.

I signed up for an account, but haven’t received a confirmation email yet… What gives?

Try one more time with the email address you initially entered. 9 out of 10 times this occurs because the email wasn’t entered correctly. Try one more time and if the problem persists, please contact us so we can check the email logs and see what’s going on.

For after hours password assistance, please email

I think my order has been lost or stolen; what do I do?

If you feel your order is lost, missing or stolen you must report it to us within 30 days. Anything after 30 days and there is simply nothing we can do. You will receive a tracking number via automated email when your label is printed for delivery. It is your responsibility to keep this number and alert us if not received within the 30 days. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items once they show delivered in the tracking system. We do guarantee the first 100.00 USD only of any DOMESTIC order. International order regulations vary by country. Please contact Rebel, our Distribution Manager, if you have further questions.